• Havana NRG! Return to Gloria's Addison after 1 Year!

    March 16, 2021
    Contact: Rikki Rincon"

    (Dallas, Texas) One of Dallas' most consisent showbands that always deliver over the top for their fans across the nation, Havana NRG! make a huge return to Gloria's Addison after one year off during the pandemic. The social media feeds and messages have been pouring in with requests about the Friday, April 2, 2021 return to their weekly showcases. The wait is almost over.

    Since their arrival to Gloria's Addison, Havana NRG! have been entertaining guests, both local and others visiting from around the world for 20 consecutive years at this venue. Aside from Gloria's Addison, Havana NRG! has toured coast to coast taking their high impact show of diversity to Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Alaska, San Francisco, all of Texas and have release some great remakes along the way. To many, this band is family, an extension of their very own and all members of Havana NRG! feel exactly the same.

    Havana NRG! are always evolving with the times, remixing, remaking hit Latino and Urbano music and giving their fans a special flavor only they can, which has only increased their demand. Always on the fresh, the new, the cutting edge. When you attend their live shows at Gloria's Addison, 5100 Beltline Rd, you can expect to hear the unexpected. This is not your "typical Salsa Band", very far from that. The NRG stands for "New Rhthym Gerneration" and when you hear the Reggaeton fused hybrid Timba Cubanas, cross over Top 40 remakes in fierce Merengue or Mambo Electronico fashion you are left to understand why, that after 20 years this band keeps the doors revolving at Gloria's Addison with their GenZ, Millennial and Gen X fanbase and others for outdoor festivals! The band welcomes two new members! Female lead singer, Leidy from Havana, Cuba and percussionist from Cuba, Jose Angel.

    Make plans today to attend Gloria's Addison on Friday, April 2nd, 21+over and dress code is enforced. All members of Havana NRG! thank each and every one of you for your patience and loyal support. For bookings contact Rikki Rincon at 469-490-9993 or rikki_rincon@yahoo.com.