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    Every  now and then we like to update our followers and the public as a whole as to what we've been up to lately. Well, we already passed halfway through 2021 and it has been one insanely busy year so far. 

    As the. year turned around and we were still dealing with the pandemic, our online work, services never ceased to end, as a matter of fact we went into overdrive for our clients so when things returned to our new normal and now, normal, we would be way ahead of the curve and guess what? It worked! Our very, very busy client, Havana NRG! has seen record setting incoming requests for bookings, from festivals, where some have begun to charge the public for attendance, in this case, Legacy Food Hall wherein concerts were free are now charging and packed concerts continue! Havana NRG continues to be one of the most "in demand" showbands in the industry and we are so excited to see how far they have come in almost 20 years. Gloria's Addison continues to attract and pack in the most diversity in the marketplace. DJ Latin Prince from Pitbull's "Globalization" has been added to the Saturday night residency and the whole vibe has not just changed but taken up many levels. Newly added female lead singer, LEIDY J and percussionist Jose Angel have added wonderful energy to the band, with wonderful new, repoitoire added to song list. The public has gravitated heavily and favorably upon their return to perform. We are very excited and grateful.

    This summer we took on a new client, singer/songwriter Christian Aljeandro from Torreón, Mexico with his band Comarca Bonita. Hard driiven cumbias both upbeat and more downtempo, laced with contagious rhythm have given us so much to work with. Fans from Mexico to USA are excited to see the new music just released from Comarca Bonita and tours will begin this year. Check out the new music, click link to jam today! https://open.spotify.com/artist/3LGELEiIZJCCshrBIc5jMv

    Turning 1 year, The Flo Lab in New York continues to be the "go to" consultency agency for brand partnership marketing, product placement for today's hottest and biggest videos in the #Latinx space and others. We are so excited to work brand partnershps and management of influencers and other talent, the rest of 2021 looks very bright as we travel to and from Miami to keep the pace moving. So many wins this year, from Smirnoff placement in the latest Ricky Martin video, Leli Hernandez newly scripted show on Tik Tok, Hispanicize virtual events, the super fast pace the TWINS, Kike y Dany are growing, their future looks very bright. For brand partnerships, product placement and endorsements for celebrities and influencers contact rikki@theflolab.com. Visit the agency at www.theflolab.com. 

    In 2017 we took on Digital Communications and managing day to day operations for BellaGeneration Hair System, soft launched the brand mid way through 2018 and gained great steam with national appearances with very popular Black Women's Expo tour in Chicago, Atlanta and Dallas and many other inclusion events to maintain the brand and as 2019 wrapped up moving into 2020, this would be the year our brand as most nationwide and globally were greatly affected by the pandemic, but we persevered and today continue with our brand marketing, sales and meetings with investor entities to take our brand to new and exciting heights. For all BellaGeneration Hair System information please contact rikki@bellagenerationhairsystem.com. Visit www.bellagenerationhairsystem.com. 

    Creative Juice Online continues to work local, national and global, servicing clients in the DFW area such as William's Cigars, the number one team for special events, from The Dallas Cowboys, Park Place Motors to just about every Country Club in the marketplace, customers have caught on the where the "source" of the highest quality matched with the best prices are, visit www.williamscigars.com and for special events contact rikki_rincon@yahoo.com. From restaurant, Caribbean Cuba working their social media, digital marketing we have seen tremendous results in media coverage from print, digtial and television, they continue to be the talk of the market.

    We have many other clients that we serviced this year whether it was for website creative, digital marketing, social media planning or event marketing, so we are very appreciative to the many that stopped by for our services. You may contact rikkirincon@creativejuice.mobi for your digital creative marketing needs. 


    Creative Juice Online Team